Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Friends

Tonight was going to be about Love, but today my dear, dear friend Beth made me decide to dedicate this post to her. Brad came back to the office from court and handed me a dissolution that I had prepared that was approved and ready to file. He also handed me a beautiful little cube with the word "courage" etched inside it.  It was from Beth, who said she read my post from last night and remembered that she had this cube and thought it would be perfect to give to me.

So, dear Beth, you are a one in a million friend. This came at a perfect time. As did you. You are one of the few that my heart knows it can safely trust. You make me laugh and smile and forget about the bad stuff. I have mentioned before how you came to the hospital to support me when I felt so alone, and were there for me in the dark days after. Beth, you are one of the most wonderful, loving, giving souls that I know, and I am so grateful that God brought us together. There are not very many people in this world like you, who give with all their heart without expecting anything in return. And that makes people want to give the same to you. You deserve all the blessings that the universe can bestow upon you. You are an inspiration and an angel.

There are so very few true, honest, caring people out there. Most have an ulterior motive, whether it be money, power, control, whatever. You are one of the purest hearted people I have ever met. I don't believe I have ever heard an unkind word come from your mouth, and you always strive to see the good in others. I know that I have asked you to share your thoughts with me on a certain subject, and I trust your opinion, even if my heart wants to believe otherwise. You help to quell the confusion and bring a sense of peace. And of course, there is no one I would rather go to the movies with and see Melissa McCarthy throw a few "F bombs". You are the best!! I love you and honor you, and it is a great honor to be able to call you friend.

Much love to you, dear friend.

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