Tuesday, July 23, 2013

(Not So) Alone With My Thoughts

Not sure where I am going with this one. There is a need to blog, but the words are hiding, peeping out, wiggling their fingers at me - " hee hee, can't catch me". I am learning that it is best to just let it go and go with the flow in this kind of situation. no, yeah, I can't do this right now.

See, there is so much on my mind. So many questions. Oh, I know that the answers will come in good time. That really is the point. If I am patient, all things will come.

I feel you. I know you are out there. I feel the pull of your heart.
Can't quite identify you, though my soul knows who you are.
You are coming.
We welcome you.

This is a time of chaos for me. As in the previous blog, where I reminded myself and everyone else to trust in your heart and get out of the way of your inner guide, allowing it to direct you toward the best path, guiding you on your journey, I have to say again, I am crying out for this guidance. I tried to voice some of my questions tonight, but just like with this post tonight, the words would not come. They just aren't ready yet. When I was trying to tell you what was on my mind, it sealed up, told me that these are the same things I have mulled over and over for months now. And you gave me a tool, a precious gift to utilize. Now I feel more empowered. See, right now I feel like that baby bird getting ready to be pushed out of her nest. I know that I can fly, it's just that I am afraid. But you know what? I will fall from the safety and warmth of that little nest, and I will spread my wings and rise, not as a baby bird, but as a powerful, majestic, eagle.

The internet went down and I could not complete this post until this morning. Good thing, because I bet you heard me ranting and raving at the computer all the way to where you are. My voice is actually  a little hoarse. As you can see, my thoughts last night were as chaotic as my life. Ah, but a quick gesture later ( thank you ) and I felt much much more grounded. Time to take my tools and get to work!!

Love and appreciation to all.

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