Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rainy Saturday * Or * Clear Up Darn It !

So of course last night I got the bush hog hooked up and ready to go today. The forecast called for scattered sprinkles, not much accumulation. Woke up in the middle of the night to torrential rain, and it has been raining on and off most of the day so far. Blech! Just like when you wash your car, sure enough it rains, poor little blue tractor is sitting out and getting wet now. And that also means that the ground is too wet to drive up here and mow anyway. So what do I do now?

1. Clean the house
2. Dance
3. Read/study my new book on Theta healing
4. Dance some more

And of course, blog!

And if the rain stops and the sun comes out there is always a chance to mow later. This is one of those weekends that I have no plans and am just going to take things as they come. ( most of them are like that) Last night was great. Joe and Dave came out to unhook the baler and put the equipment away and then my dear friend Po called me.  Then a nice shower and off to bed.

I need to price the Cat Loader, the gooseneck trailer and the white International truck and the welder. Still have to decide if I want to let the truck and welder go. After all, I don't anticipate learning to weld anytime soon, though you never know..... And will I seriously drive a diesel semi truck anywhere? Ok, it has a flat bed and would be great for hauling hog panels and paneling and things like that. But if Dave buys it, I am sure that he will let me use it as needed.

But looking at the picture just now - I am reminded that this was Chip's dream, his pride and joy. He had been looking for this truck for years, and we finally found it, or it found us, however you choose to look at it. Ok, so here is my lesson to contemplate today: If I were the one to transition first, would I want Chip to hold on to all the possessions that I held dear, just out of loyalty to me and my memory? Or would I want him to keep just those mementos that especially reminded him of me and that would bring him joy each time he touched them and thought of me?  Really, I would not expect him to keep everything I owned, regardless of how special that item was to me. I mean, I have this huge Ron Perlman collection, and wouldn't expect Chip to hang on to all that stuff just because I liked it. There are just some things that take up room and are not going to get the use and attention that they deserve. Would it not be far more loving and respectful to pass those items on to someone who will use them for their intended purpose? Then the memories are even more meaningful. To keep this truck sitting in the barn, collecting dust , is unfair to everyone. Best to set it free. It deserves to go on it's journey as well.

Funny thing is the above paragraph was given to me. I betcha Chip was dictating that, because as I was typing, the words were flowing but were not my own conscious thoughts. And I also felt a quiet calm as I typed, as if my decision were well made. It is about time that I start to follow my inner guide and stop second guessing myself.

Anyone have any thoughts about my ideas of giving up the truck and welder?

Know what? I need to go for a walk now. Hope to have many more insights this weekend. Let's hope that the sun decides to come out to play!


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