Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Back On Track

Forgot to mention last night that one of my bosses, EGB really warmed my heart yesterday. He called me just to ask how I was feeling about my "problem/meltdown" and then went on to comment that he is amazed and inspired by the incredible love and devotion I have to Chip. He said that not many people are so blessed to love and be loved so intensely and to have such a strong dedication to one another. That I love him so strongly and purely and even got a tattoo to honor him - a permanent testament of my love.  Well, by the time he was finished, I had tears rolling. Thank you E.

And today, Rebecca asked me how I was and we had an excellent conversation. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for that. Your words have helped my heart to heal. I feel so much better. Hugs!!

And also I got to go on a wild ride today. I am not a driver. I get lost easily, don't see well, and am just a real nervous nelly when it comes to going places that I am not sure of. So I had to run to the court and then an attorney's office to pick up documents. No idea where I was going. So thank god for my new phone with navigation. Then there was the construction, road closures and detours. Then came a severe storm, with blinding rain, bursts of wind and tree limbs flying everywhere. Then I get to the address and it is not the correct place. Aughhh. Candice was rolling when I called her and told her that I had arrived at an apartment building, not an attorney's office. Running through the pouring rain, drenched. Well, LOL. So she found the correct address and I got there and back in one piece, and a little less stressed since the rain had stopped. Adventure!! I have never been that far out before. It was past Dayton.

Feeling better now too. That was just a crazy couple of days.

Still can't get over how fun the radio show was last night. I am so surprised that I talked that much. There were so many wonderful people there and in the chat room and it felt like one great big happy family.

And again, it just feels so much better. So much lighter today. Thank you BS. I have more energy, just like you said. And I really believe that last night helped me with my little adventure today too. I really had more confidence than I thought I would.

Now it is time for a cold shower and laundry and maybe a relaxation night. Getting to bed on time tonight!!

See how quickly your bad days can turn, bringing you peace and happiness and relief and even insight into things that you were concerned about? Live, learn, and love.

Love and light to all -


  1. Cindy, I love reading your blog, I am so glad you posted the link in the chat room. Your words & life inspire me to love & be happy. So glad I "met " you thru our wonderful friend BS. Love you! :-) Namaste. <3

    1. Lisa, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy you enjoy the blog. As you can see, our friend BS plays an integral part in it. I hope you continue to love and be inspired. I am honored to call you friend and hope that you will continue to share this journey with me. Love you too ! Namaste <3