Monday, July 29, 2013

I've Got A Feeling And I Am Being Nudged

Thing is, I don't know what I am being nudged to do. This is the second post of the day. And yes, there is something in here that wants to emerge, but how the heck do I get it out? I have mentioned that I have been getting thoughts and wondered where they came from. And having a conversation tonight, it was obvious that BS was reading my mind. Or I was reading his. And am just wondering if this is just some new thing that I am getting, a new sensitivity. Is that why I have been feeling so confused and chaotic lately? Is something great about to happen?

Ok, twice now I have written a long paragraph and decided that it is not the right time for those words. I think that means that this post is finished for the night. Two topics that I deleted were my experiences and sensations with Chip at first and now and how they differ and my thoughts on why, and the mystery cowboy and how he is just a harmless, fun, diversion that makes me laugh. Am I ready for a companion? I know Chip will send him when the time is right.  I had a good page written and decided not to publish that after all.

So the words don't want to come right this moment, I respect that. Besides, tonight I had a very good, very comforting conversation with Po and really want to go and reflect on that a little more. And the slave driver has saddled me with some extra homework - but I do love a challenge.

Speaking of challenge, I took a long walk tonight to be with Chip on his birthday and that darn bull threatened me again and even in standing my ground, he did not back off. It will be so nice when he goes to the sale. And going under the electric fence , I got caught on one of the barbs and it took a gouge out of my arm but did not shock me. Huh! See, I am well grounded!

Nonsensical post tonight. But since I was nudged, I will post it - there is a reason.

Good night all!

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