Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Feeling Alright

Today was one of those days. Got a slow start at work, my brain needed to be warmed up. And thank you to Candice and Melissa and Stephanie for being my personal life coaches today. Now I have to do homework for "The Grissom" and you girls too. But cleaning out my closets of old clothes that don't fit anymore ( too big!!!) and making plans to get the house remodeled really shouldn't be considered homework, right?

Really, the day was great. Got a lot of things done, even though it felt like I was spinning my wheels, emailing people back and forth to get questions answered and things resolved. But at the end of the day, I did have a big stack of work completed and waiting for Eliot's signature. BMK, I am worried about your notary stamp though :)

So tonight I am just going to take it easy and relax. Feeling pretty good, a little worn out. The self propel mechanism on the  push mower is broken and I had to push the thing up the hill tonight and it has made my back all stiff and sore. Sure could use a good back rub. Anyone?? 

The radio show is about to begin, so I think that will be all for this post. As you can see, the words aren't coming easily tonight. I think my brain has been on overload and it is having a hard time concentrating. Stress will do that to ya. But I have my support system of beloved friends to keep me sane - BS, Beth, BMK, Candice, Melissa, Stephanie, Rebecca, CNCK, EGB, NC, the Inner Guide Empowerment Radio community. You guys ROCK!! When I am rich and famous, I will invite you all to my home on my private island.


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