Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Path To Freedom

This is one of those posts that just "nudged" me. Thank you to Brad ( BS) for allowing me to copy
 the beautiful picture and quote above.

Our inner guide is always there for us. To properly use and honor this guidance, we need to voice our question, set an intention, and then get out of the way. A roadblock that many of us who are willing to admit it will find is that we won't get out of our own way. And we work very hard on trying to mull over possible outcomes, weighing the pro's and con's and " Oh, if I do/don't do this or that, then this or that will/won't happen the way I want it to." Oh yes, I am very guilty of this. My gut-my heart- tells me something, but even though this notion brings me bliss, I am afraid... what if it is my imagination, what if it's not real. So I ask others for their opinions and advice. And each person's advice and opinion is as unique as they are. People are eager to voice their feelings on any given subject, delighting in the opportunity to debate, or console. And all of that advice and pro and con work just puts you into confusion overload. Personally, I have found myself running the gamut of emotions over a situation, all in a matter of a few minutes. "If this-then that, but if THIS, then- OH MY!" I go from joy and anticipation and a sure knowing, to fear, confusion, and uncertainty. Every thing becomes distorted. Now I don't know which way is up. And it is actually quite painful, because I will make up my mind one way, based on others' perceptions and advice, allowing anything that occurs in that particular situation to be a marker as to why, yup - they were right - that's why.... And then when I center and ground myself, my heart whispers to me "hey...can I get you alone for a minute? Look, I know people are telling you that you should/shouldn't do that, but we really do/don't want to do it." And then I become confused as to whether I can trust my own heart, because of everyone else's opinions. And then it quietly knocks at the door to my "rational" mind again and says, still quietly, but a bit louder than before, " ummm- not going away, Cin..."

I have many such "dilemmas" going on here now. Big and small, fun and entertaining, and serious. Thoughts about the farm, remodeling the bathrooms in the house, landscaping, keep or sell a particular cow or calf, sell certain pieces of equipment, does this person have the best intentions in this situation, why someone I considered a friend did certain things, can I trust that person, if I found out who my mystery Civil War soldier/cowboy is, should I shamelessly approach him and tell him I have the hots for him? ( insert winky face icon here) Wow, I am admitting to a lot of stuff here. Anyone have any advice?

Know what I think? Sometimes we are afraid of the true answer.

So instead of going back and forth, mulling things over, weighing all the facts, go with what your heart tells you. Ask for the answer, set the intention that your question will be answered in a clear, indisputable manner, and sit back, wait for the sign, and receive your guidance. After all, the Universe is sending us all of the things that we need as we walk this path on our journey. It wants to give us everything we desire. It wants us to be joyous, blissful, happy, fulfilled. It has equipped us with many wonderful tools to help us along the way. So just ask for the help, believe that all you need and desire is coming, and then get out of the way.

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